Thursday, August 18, 2011

A note about the Money Fairy post...

I was thinking about it last night and i hope that i didn't come off arrogant or snotty in my previous post. I just get really frustrated at times. The purpose of the post was to 1 encourage others in hard situations to keep going and 2 to show the ones who have been given financial support to be grateful and appreciative! Also, i wanted others to know that they are not ALONE, that it does take a lot of work, and they can achieve it on their own! This is part of the reason why I chose a medical profession. I want/do work in an underserved area and there are loan forgiveness programs for certain medical professions. I am not worried about how the future pans out, i just stress about it sometimes. But I must say, I am most grateful for my support, the drive, passion, and importance of college that my parents passed along to me, and my heart and passion to help others. 

Like I said before, I wouldn't change how things have panned out. I wouldn't change choosing the school i did to get my bachelor's degree, i wouldn't change working throughout college, taking out loans, struggling financially at times,  etc. I have learned from every experience and it has helped me be grateful for the things that I have, a sound mind, supportive family and friends, and a heart that strives to make a difference.

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