Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of the 2nd Degree @ EKU!

Well, the day has arrived that I start my first classes at EKU! I am very excited to start this new chapter in my life. I am especially excited to learn about subject pertaining to my line of work! AmeriCorps is ending in a couple of days and very happy that I was given the opportunity. I have learned a lot over the course of the year about myself, the community, working environments, and much much  more. The relationship that i have made with the city of richmond and the people will be ever lasting! I have met many great people and excited that they will be a part of my life from here on out!

Goals for the semester:

4.0 every class (this is how i will get into the accelerated program)
Loss between 20-30 lbs. & get back into shape!
Soak up the experience at the hospital
Have fun, but not too much fun, and take in the next step in life
Relax and enjoy the next few years

I am also excited to walk to my classes with Jesse and study our lives away haha!

Here's to the next chapter and the next step in becoming a nurse-midwife!

Thank you to all that have supported me thus far! I can't wait to show you how great of a nurse-midwife I will be in the years to come!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A note about the Money Fairy post...

I was thinking about it last night and i hope that i didn't come off arrogant or snotty in my previous post. I just get really frustrated at times. The purpose of the post was to 1 encourage others in hard situations to keep going and 2 to show the ones who have been given financial support to be grateful and appreciative! Also, i wanted others to know that they are not ALONE, that it does take a lot of work, and they can achieve it on their own! This is part of the reason why I chose a medical profession. I want/do work in an underserved area and there are loan forgiveness programs for certain medical professions. I am not worried about how the future pans out, i just stress about it sometimes. But I must say, I am most grateful for my support, the drive, passion, and importance of college that my parents passed along to me, and my heart and passion to help others. 

Like I said before, I wouldn't change how things have panned out. I wouldn't change choosing the school i did to get my bachelor's degree, i wouldn't change working throughout college, taking out loans, struggling financially at times,  etc. I have learned from every experience and it has helped me be grateful for the things that I have, a sound mind, supportive family and friends, and a heart that strives to make a difference.

This is why I am where I help the unfortunate!

The targeted group of individuals that I am suppose to service are teen mothers in Madison County! I hope that I helped one of those many needy children or have help them strive for their goals of being self sufficient, to have a job, to care for their babies, and achieve their dreams!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Dreams of a Money Fairy!

Some days, I wish that there was a money fairy that would erase my student loans and a few other debts. It is stressful knowing that the money is lingering over my head. But, then i think about the other route, no student loans, which would have meant, no college, working a low paying position, and not being able to fulfill my dreams, figure out life, and HELP OTHERS the way that I hope to as a nurse-midwife. It's hard for me to think about what my life would have been like if i hadn't gone to college. College was def. the right route for me! I would most likely have been not happy with life, living at home, and down in the dumps. I LOVE to learn, take on a new challenge, and progress in life. I am super proud of how far I have come and wouldn't take it back for a moment.

The older and wiser I become the more savvy i am when it comes to scholarships, loan repayment programs etc. I have found a few ways that will help me in the present and future. The hospital i am working at will help pay for books for a year's commitment, AmeriCorps will help with tuition this semester, and then IDA will help with next semester. These are all "now" help and won't help with the lingering loans. But, later down the road after I am a nurse-midwife, there is a program through HRSA that will repay my loans if i work in an underserved area for so many years. It allows me to travel to exotic places as well, just as long as they are US territories etc. This program couldn't be more PERFECT! I already do what this program is looking for, helping the underserved as an OB tech! It's just hard to think that it will be possible because it is very competitive and what would i do if i didn't get accepted into the program. But of course i am going to try and try again until i am accepted into the program!

Yes, the program would erase my worries, but the stress of thinking about how much i will have accumulated after going to school for my masters is daunting at times. It impacts me in the present day. I try to not let it and conquer it when the times comes and WILL figure it out! There are so many possibilities, i believe that I can find a way to have those loans forgiven! In the end, I will have two bachelor degrees and a masters funded all by myself! I will have been helped by academic scholarships, ida, Americorps, and grants, but the difference still adds up to a pretty hefty amount. I find myself asking, why does life have to be like this? Why can't college be free? (haha) Can you imagine how many more people would attend college?!

Why do i have to pay all this money and do it on my own financially (venting)? I look at others that have been helped by their parents and wonder how much they really appreciate it. I see others not appreciate what they have been graciously given and it really ticks me off because if i had that provided to me i would be ever so grateful. I wouldn't take advantage of the situation like some do. Don't take me the wrong way, i am super proud of how far that i have come and what i have learned, but at times wonder what it would have been like if i was given the opportunity that others have, what my life would be like with this burden lifted off of my shoulders? Maybe i wouldn't be as appreciate because i wouldn't have had to go through what i have, but think that i would be so appreciative because i have seen others go through the same.

The money fairy sounds better and better everyday, one less stressor hanging in the back of my head sounds so good.  But, i really appreciate how far i have come, what i have learned from this experience, and what i will teach others and my children one day. It takes a lot to be able to support yourself through college but wouldn't change it for the world! I can't wait to be a nurse-midwife, to catch babies, help in areas of need, teach the importance of breastfeeding, infant care, personal care, etc.

I must say that i have great support when it comes to going to school!  I know that my mom can't/couldn't help me financially but she has helped me in more ways than i can ever thank her for. She has been my support and wall through everything! She was there when i wanted to give up because things were getting hard. I know that if she could she would help, but it just isn't possible for her, especially being a single parent. I know that she is super proud of how far I have come and how i have dealt with situations. The more and more i continue on in life, the prouder she is.

To all of those out there that are going through college supporting yourselves financially, stick in there! It is hard and you must make sacrifices, but it will be worth it in the end! Look for opportunities like i have, AmeriCorps, loan repayment programs, and scholarships. Every last scholarship and grant will help you! Be careful when taking out loans and take only what you need and have a job on the side to help with bills. Don't give up and keep on keeping on, it will be worth it in the end!

Elective C-sections on the decline!

I am really happy that Oregon is doing this, one because it puts a stop to unnecessary surgeries and two it gives me a little more job security! The more vaginal births the better for my job and my views! I believe that c-sections can help if there are problems but most of the time, the mothers can birth their babies the natural way!

Friday, July 29, 2011

This fall's school schedule

As the school year gets closer, the more and more excited I am to be back in the academic world! I have missed being in an academic setting. Yes, I admit it, I have missed school. I think that's why i love the new job so much is that i am learning new things! My schedule is going to be a full load but believe I can handle it. On friday and saturdays I will be working at the hospital each a 12 hour shift! I am also excited to have the afternoons open to study and take a few exercise classes! While at MSU, i would work during the week and not be done until 5 and have the weekends off. This will be a nice change! Classes begin August 22! Only 24 days away!

My classes include:

Anatomy lab
Medical Microbiology

The fun ones ( 1 credit classes):

aqua zumba
cardio and tone

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Officially a CNA....soon to be an OB tech!

Well, as most of you all know, I have completed my CNA (certified nursing assistant) course and have passed the state tests! I accepted a job on an OB floor in London, KY about 45 minutes from where I live now! I was hired on as a CNA and through training/orientation, I will become an OB tech in the next few months. This entails assisting the surgeon with c-sections and a slight pay raise. All of this experience is going to be perfect for my application to midwifery school!

Things have been crazy ever since I returned to KY from visiting home for a few days. I am working full time at the hospital for orientation until classes start in late August, as well as working full time for AmeriCorps to make sure that I have all my required hours needed to complete my full turn! Things right now are all over the place. But I wouldn't change it for the world!

I have now attended 6 births, 3 of them being c-sections and 3 being vaginal. I am training in the areas of post partum, nursery, labor and delivery, and the OR. What do all these include? (I haven't learned everything involved with the positions yet, but this is what i know thus far)

Post partum:
  • taking vitals
  • passing water
  • changing beds
  • changing dressing
  • passing linens and towels
  • checking on mom's well being
  • Charting
  • Taking care of baby
  • Rounding up the little ones for the pediatrician
  • Taking baby vitals
  • Changing diapers
  • Bathing the babies
  • Recording feedings/outputs
  • Helping with circumcisions 
  • Helping moms with breastfeeding
  • Recording info in many books
  • Charting
Labor & Delivery:
  • Set up for deliveries
  • Assist the doctor with labor
  • Help mom push, hold leg etc.
  • Receive baby from nurse
  • Check baby vitals
  • Weigh, measure, clean off baby & mother
  • Clean up after delivery
  • Prepping the c-section room
  • Scrubbing in
  • Opening all instruments
  • Assist surgeon
  • Hold skin, hand instruments, suction etc. 
  • Assist suturing
  • Clean up room

I have passed the post partum stage and now on to labor and delivery. I think that this is the area I will like most! The area in which i am working is considered underserved/not everyone has all the resources etc. I hope that i can make an impact! The hospital is brand new so i will be able to grow with it too. I am going to see what can be done with my brochures and if I am able to pass them out to mothers. I feel that they would benefit from them!

I am so excited and very grateful for the opportunity that the hospital has provided me! The chance to be a part of births and babies is mind blowing. It gives me a look into what my future will entail! I can't wait for that moment when I get to catch the baby and pass the new bundle of joy to his/her parents!

Monday, July 4, 2011

To the great lands of Michigan I go......

I will be home wednesday afternoon! I am leaving tomorrow! I can't wait! I haven't been home since mid-August of last year when I left to move to Kentucky for AmeriCorps. Well, I am finally making the 10 hour trip home to Petoskey! I am so excited to see my family and friends! I have missed them all soooo much! I have missed the water and of course the sunsets......B and I are planning on going kayaking and can't wait! We are also rode tripping it there! We haven't been on a road trip together in years! It's going to be a great time! The time at home will be busy and probably go by fast, but I am very excited! Here's to MI and seeing my family and friends!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Homemade French Onion Soup!

Yummmy! It was very tasty! Jesse enjoyed his as well! If you would like the recipe let me know and I can send it to you!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Childbirth options and educating women!

A goal of mine as a nurse-midwife is to educate as many women, couples, etc, about their birthing options! This article helps reinforce that nurse-midwives, doctors, doulas, and child educators need to be more involved and explain all the options! Nurse-midwives are able to spend extra time with their patients and thus are able to go into detail on many different things and answer questions. I will do my best to convey all the options to all my future patients, classes, and others that I may come into contact with!