Monday, November 22, 2010

"The Breast is the Best!" continued....

I must give credit to a few fellow success corps members in creating the tag line "the breast is the best." Thanks for the perfect line to add to my brochure! I think that it will be a hit! Here is my latest brochure! This is one of my favorites! I am also in the midst of talking to the hospital about putting my brochures on the labor & delivery floor as well as out with other brochures they have to offer throughout the floors! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they like them all!

 This week is Thanksgiving and it will be the first time I am away from home for a holiday! I will be spending it with Jesse's family and I couldn't be more excited! I will miss being with my family, but can't wait to see how others spend their Thanksgiving! All of his family will be there and it should be a good time! We might even be able to go hiking! Of course, there will be boggle involved and a mean game of scrabble. I should def. brush up on my vocabulary! All in all, i can't wait!

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