Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Mommy & Me flyer and handout!

Due to the unsuccessful attempts in recruiting people I created a different type of flyer and brochure to hand out and hang throughout the community. One of the brochures has the tear strips on it so people can take my info and remember when the class is. The other is a handout on what it is about, who i am, and future meetings. I have passed them out at an early childhood council meeting, calling local doctors offices, the health department, and really any place that will let me hang them up!  I am hoping that through these efforts more people will be interested in the monthly meetings and then will meet with me individually once they get to know me. Tonight, I have another home visit, but at the library. I saw her last month and can't wait to see how the baby and the mom has grown since the last time i saw them! We will see how this all turns out, only time will tell!

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