Friday, December 24, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A kitten or a little baby?

Nayeli fell asleep next to me in bed one morning like this....haha. She is like a little baby (look at her back feet curled up). You can see her little incision and her bare belly! She is recovery very well! Her super cuddly phase is slowly diminishing though. This morning at 5 am, to the people trudging around upstairs, I woke up and she wasn't next to me or at my feet and I thought that something was wrong. This is abnormal, she is always on my bed somewhere. I got up and went to the b-room and as soon as she heard the fan she came running wanting a drink from the sink! She was ok, thanks goodness. I had given her some pain meds last night because she was acting like her paws hurt (i had her front paws declawed with a laser - less pain and quicker recovery). I thought that she might have had a reaction to the meds or something was wrong with her because she wasn't cuddled up next to me. She has been following me around lately more than usual! I was quite sad when I woke up and she wasn't anywhere to be found. Hopefully, she just forgot that I was there or something and she will be cuddled up next to me tonight! She was quite rambunctious last night running around and chasing her new Christmas toy! Maybe it was her excitement and the meds that caused this....tonight is another night. I'm going to tire her out before bed and hopefully she'll find her way to her spot like she has every night since i have had her! The first night I had her, I woke up to her "caterpillared" into a ball on my left shoulder. She was so small, she fit perfect.  Now, at times, she just stretches across my neck and I wake up with a nice neck warmer. haha. This little creature has brought so much joy into my life! I love her soooooo much!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Ice Galore.... 4.5 days until Christmas!

Well last week, there was an ice storm. All the schools around here were closed and I didn't go into work for 2 days because of the ice and snow mixture covering everything. Nayeli was so snuggly that i just lied on the couch and read all day. This gave me an opportunity to read for my last class that i have been putting off between doing AmeriCorps and a part-time job. On the upside of not going into work, I did get my class done. Well, I have to take two exams and then it is official, i will be done! Gosh, it will be nice not to have to worry about school for awhile! My pre-req nursing classes will begin in late-August, and excited to take classes that i am really interested in, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, etc.

This year, I am going to be spending Christmas with Jesse's family! I'll miss being with my family. But I am really excited to learn more family traditions and see how others spend Christmas! My Christmas shopping is almost done. I just have a few more gifts to get! I love Christmas! I especially love wrapping the gifts! My creative juices flow like none other! I spent Sunday doing the last minute shopping and wrapping gifts while watching Home Alone!  I am hoping that it will be a white Christmas....It would just be weird without snow on the ground...I will just have to wait and find out!

Mommy & Me flyers and handouts have been passed out all around town and I know for sure that at least one person will be there. I helped her out at the teen conference and wants to come to learn from me! It was such a great complement to know that I could teach someone something new especially coming from a lady in her position! The next few weeks will be nice to be around family and have a slight break! But also really excited to see where my Mommy & Me class goes and how many people attend in January!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meeting with the nurse-midwife....

Last friday I meet with the nurse-midwife in the area! After talking with her, I couldn't be more excited! She really liked what i was doing with AmeriCorps and fully supported hanging my Mommy & Me flyer in their office! Their office is one of the two ob/gyn's in the area, so there will be a ton of people walking in and out of there looking at my poster! I have a feeling that there will be a bigger turn out than last time! I am excited to see how many people come and have seen my flyer!

Back to our meeting....I had made a list of interview questions ranging from asking about nursing school, midwifery school, her weaknesses, her most and least favorite stories, did she have children with a midwife, to why she chose to become a midwife. The meeting was great! She said, "this really is your passion isn't it, i can tell." I told her about the time Jesse and I were out to dinner and i sat there and felt at ease with life after deciding to become a nurse-midwife! It is my calling and couldn't feel better about it. She was quite impressed at how much research i had done and that the interview was just for me. She suggested working on a labor and delivery floor for 6 months before deciding to become a nurse-midwife. I am def. taking her advice, but as of right now still going to go ahead with everything! I left feeling amazing about my life choice and can't wait to follow through with it! It's going to be a long and hard journey, but if anyone can make it, i think i can!

I must say that i have an amazing support system behind me! Thanks everyone for supporting my calling and being there through my journey!

I don't think i could have gotten where I am in life if it wouldn't have been for Jesse. He was/is there to talk about anything and everything. He never judged and always keeps an open heart. He has been by my side through the thick and the thin! He was that one person who broke through the walls i built and helped me to become the woman i am today. We complement each other very well and help each other better ourselves! He was there for those days when the world felt like it was closing in on me. He sat there with an open ear and and a shoulder to cry on. He is an amazing man and I love him for it. Thank you for being a part of my life! I can't wait to see what the future holds and where our life/career decisions take us!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mommy & Me business cards/ small flyer

Here are the business cards that i am going to be passing out with people's checks at my other job! I am hoping that people will ask me more about the class and be interested in attending! We will see how this works out! I also hand them out to people if i find out they have kids or know of people who have kids/pregnant!

You know who you are........

Thank you! It really means a lot to me to know that you are there and supporting me on my journey!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Mommy & Me flyer and handout!

Due to the unsuccessful attempts in recruiting people I created a different type of flyer and brochure to hand out and hang throughout the community. One of the brochures has the tear strips on it so people can take my info and remember when the class is. The other is a handout on what it is about, who i am, and future meetings. I have passed them out at an early childhood council meeting, calling local doctors offices, the health department, and really any place that will let me hang them up!  I am hoping that through these efforts more people will be interested in the monthly meetings and then will meet with me individually once they get to know me. Tonight, I have another home visit, but at the library. I saw her last month and can't wait to see how the baby and the mom has grown since the last time i saw them! We will see how this all turns out, only time will tell!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

France, owh France

It has been over three years since i was in France! I still miss it to this day! I miss the culture, the "newness," and adventure. I miss the challenge of speaking french and meeting people from around the world! One of my favorite things to do there was visiting the chateaus, or castles! I would imagine myself living in one of them back in the day and what it was like. The history they held was amazing and loved taking pictures of them! My favorite chateau was Chenonceau. I'm not sure if i like it so much because it was the first one i visited or because i just loved it so much. I would give anything to be able to visit again for a month or two! I would love to go work on a vineyard for a period of time, learn how to cook french cuisine, and travel around France. I would like to share France with Jesse and the charm it holds! I would love to live there for a little bit but not too long because i would miss my friends and family too much! One of these days, we will hopefully make it there, here's to dreaming.....

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas......

Jesse and I decided we were going to get a Christmas tree and keep it at my place! We went to a tree farm and cut the top off of a half dead blue spruce. They called it a charlie brown tree but i think that it is perfect! It is def. more plump than a charlie brown tree that is for sure! We are in the process of making a topper! The kitten loves to attack the bulbs but has yet to climb the tree! Speaking of nayeli, she goes to the vet next week to have her surgery! I hope she does well! The day she comes home, i took off to take care of her and make sure she is ok! Also, a Happy Birthday to my mom today! I love and miss you!

It's not the best picture ever and doesn't do the tree much justice, but it works!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New and improved breastfeeding brochure!

Recently, i posted my post about breastfeeding on a few forums online. I received some feedback and have changed a few things! I am still keeping the tag line "the breast is the best" because i feel that i want women to know that this is the best option for their baby if they can provide it for them! The more and more feedback I receive the better and better the brochure becomes!