Friday, July 29, 2011

This fall's school schedule

As the school year gets closer, the more and more excited I am to be back in the academic world! I have missed being in an academic setting. Yes, I admit it, I have missed school. I think that's why i love the new job so much is that i am learning new things! My schedule is going to be a full load but believe I can handle it. On friday and saturdays I will be working at the hospital each a 12 hour shift! I am also excited to have the afternoons open to study and take a few exercise classes! While at MSU, i would work during the week and not be done until 5 and have the weekends off. This will be a nice change! Classes begin August 22! Only 24 days away!

My classes include:

Anatomy lab
Medical Microbiology

The fun ones ( 1 credit classes):

aqua zumba
cardio and tone

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