Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pregnancy Conference/Brochures

This coming October i will be a part of a conference for teen moms here at the local public schools. There will be a few speakers and workshops, as well as a merry-go-round, where the moms can go around to different booths and speak with people in the community! I will have a booth, which i am very excited about. My topic is "reading to your baby." I am especially excited because i find reading to be one of the best things you can do to help your child develop and throughout life challenges! You need to be able to read to get anywhere in life and excited to express my love for reading with and to your child!  I will be giving a little demonstration and passing out books! The moms will also have met me by then because i will soon start visiting them in school and begin supporting them through their pregnancy! I can not tell you how excited i am to be working with them and helping them through their pregnancy.  I love being able to be there for them and learn from them along the way!

Along with the booth, i will be attending babes and tots classes here at the local library. I was asked by the coordinator to create brochures to put in the library for moms and families to pick up. Here are some topics as of right now.

tummy time
getting ready for school
importance of exploration
child development stages/milestones
what to do if your child is bullied
proper nutrition (mom and the baby) and portion sizes
child behavior
potty training
how to eat right when pregnant/help what do i eat?
postpartum depression
first trimester
second trimester
third trimester
pregnancy dos and donts
what if my baby has allergies?
getting ready for baby - their room, what to pack for hospital
sibling rivalry

The classes are for moms with children up to the age of 5, if you can think of anything else that one may be curious about during pregnancy, after, and for the toddler years, please let me know! Suggestions on what you were wondering as you where going through pregnancy or things that you needed help with after the baby was born. Any suggestions would help! I will post the brochures/newsletters as i create them! The class runs 8 weeks long and plan on creating a new one for each week along with a few to keep in the library as well!

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