Monday, October 4, 2010

Babes and Tots

Today, i will be attending an 8 week long class, every monday, with moms and their tots. I will be creating a brochure each week to hand out and leave in the library. I have the first one done! This class should be fun. The lady/instructor will be teaching the parents how to use sign language to communicate with their babies. I am really excited about this because I hope to be able to do this in the future with my own kids. When I was babysitting for a family, the little girl knew how to sign a few words and I was amazed because she was able to tell me what she wanted without using her words, which she hadn't started talking yet. I loved every moment of it and want to be able to teach a bit to my children and help others teach their children as well. It should be a fun and exciting experience. I'm glad i am able to attend the classes!

So here is the first of many newsletters. There will be 7 more along with some general brochures that will be placed in the library for parents or future parents to pick up. I think that they will be a great help to some, well i hope they will help!

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