Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Official Kentucky Resident/The Next Step

Well, it's official. I am a legal Kentucky resident! No more MI license, which she took when i got my KY license, not happy about that at all. The best part.....i am getting in-state tuition for nursing school! I couldn't be happier. It relieves a little stress on the "how am I going to pay for this" situation. I am hoping that everything will work out! Everything points me in this direction of midwifery and going to do all that i can to achieve this passion and goal. This coming April, i am taking a month long night course that will, after passing a state test, certify me as a CNA (certified nursing assistant)! Thanks Mom, I couldn't have done it with out you! It's the next step into getting my foot in the medical field! A great person told me that i should continue keeping a foot in the door as to what i want to follow! I needed to have some kind of continuation of what i would be pursuing because it would show others my passion and drive. I have been volunteering at a local hospital ever since i moved here and previously worked in a hospital over the summer and past summers. The reason i wanted to volunteer in the hospital in the first place was to give the women i would be working with a heads up/tour/what to expect advice. Owhhhh AmeriCorps, you have shown me my way, and i will always be grateful for that! In the next few month, I hopefully will get to work a day or two in an area hospital!  A plus, no more A.B.'s. I tried it and it's def. not for me. But i will miss the people i met there.  I just need to remind myself that being a CNA is going to be different than being a nurse-midwife. I have to start somewhere and this is the best way to start. I was reading experiences online of CNA's online and how their jobs pan out, wow, i hope i can handle everything! I will be looking for a weekend job in the nursery, labor and delivery hall, or ob floor. It will be interesting where this next step will take me!

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