Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mommy & Me (valentine's day)

This month's Mommy & Me happened to fall on Valentine's Day! This week was intro to baby sign language. I thought that after having the article in the paper that more moms would attend and being intro to baby sign language, but only 1 came. This was disappointing but understand because it was valentine's day. I had plenty of valentine's day bags left so i gave another americorps member some for her moms and the others with the mom that came to give to other moms at the daycare she worked at! This was great! She recruited some moms! They are excited to come and can't wait to see who shows up! Also, the lady from Panera that recognized me as the person who gave her the Mommy & Me card while at A.B's said she was going to come as well! I am hoping the warm weather and lack of a special event will bring in the moms! This next month's theme is Reading! Here are some pictures from the event and my prep up to the event! We had the meeting in the kids area of the library in the pirate ship!

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