Friday, April 29, 2011


I recently joined the bluegrass community connects for children council! This council is an informative way to get programs and events out to other community resources! Of course, i passed out the small fry monday info. Anyways, i chose to be a part of the education branch/group. We were given a decent amount of money and told to use it to help bring awareness on/about child abuse for the month of april. I created a poster on shaken baby syndrome! We printed it online, so it will be nice and sturdy and then going to be passed out to about 100 local day-cares, hospitals, and centers in 8 different counties. I hope that it helps people recognize how dangerous shaking a baby can be.  I actually learned a lot from creating this poster. I always knew/know never to shake a baby but this will help me in my career path by being able to "spot" symptoms or signs that a baby has been shaken and hopefully get the child out of the situation and some help!

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  1. I'm glad you joined the council. I am on this council as well.