Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Memphis MIHOW Conference

Recently, a few of us SuccessCorps members had the opportunity to attend the annual MIHOW conference in Memphis! The events were neat! I went to a story-telling session, a drug abuse and substance abuse session, and a SIDS session.

The story teller was a neat older lady! She had the most beautiful hair! He stories were fun and interesting and she taught us how by the stories people tell, you can figure some things out about them. I am going to have my moms tell stories! This way i can learn a little about them. Like how they got their name, which we did in class! The little squirrel was a finger puppet that she used to tell stories to her grand children and it reminded me of my papa! I couldn't resist taking a picture!

The drug abuse session helped reinforce my thoughts about my father and how he dealt with everything. It helped remind me that no one could have helped him until he decided to help himself. I liked it because if i ever encounter a mother or child going through this i can help them see through it all. If they are the person needing help that the only person who can help them first is themselves. If it is a child living with a parent, i can show them its not their fault etc.

Finally, in the SIDS session i learned that having a fan on in a child's bedroom helps fight the risk of them dying from SIDS. The air circulation is good for the child. You don't want the air blowing directly on the baby but the circulating air helps! Maybe this is why i have always had a fan on while sleeping! I love the fresh air and the sound helps me sleep granted i don't have to worry about SIDS, but it could stem from when i was a baby and slept with a fan on.

Anyways, the trip was great to get to know the other members a little better and talk with other MIHOW people! We even helped them with some of the issues involved with teen moms!

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