Friday, January 28, 2011

Will my dreams come true?

Before leaving MSU, i dreamed of participating in the PeaceCorps! AmeriCorps came first and found my passion to become a nurse-midwife through the services that i have been providing my mothers! I had a thought, what if i could collaborate with someone doing PeaceCorps working with pregnant women and go help out for a month or so as part of my service. I could do a few mommy & me classes, teach the importance of breastfeeding, and child development. I would be learning so much more about poverty, struggle, joy, and be able to share my knowledge and experiences with my moms here. How amazing would that be to be able to do that! I could take what i learned from that site and bring it back to mine! The help that i might be able to give those moms would be simply... heart filling. Then, i come to the realization that it costs money to get there, money that i don't have. I can dream right!?!? Maybe one of these days in the far future, i will be able to take my knowledge and fill that dream of living in a different country in need and help those mothers give their babies the best life!  I would feel as if i could conquer the world!


  1. Jenni - who knows, maybe after you finish school you could serve as a PCV yourself! OR find a job with an NGO in the developing world. Dream big, girl! & never stop! :)

  2. I love you my awesome oldest daughter.