Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Day Festivities!

I almost forgot to include this......Christmas Day, Jesse's dad had to work on the farm so we went and helped! I got to bottle feed a few goats because their moms wouldn't let them nurse. They were so sweet. They followed me around and even let me carry them around like a baby! I even tried to milk a momma goat! After feeding the goats, I went and bottle feed two baby cows. They were just darling, but quite slobbery. Then, I helped Mr. G finish feeding the show cattle while jesse went and fed the goats in the pasture. It was great to be outdoors around the animals and learning something new! I even held a little piggy! After we were done on the farm, I went with jesse duck hunting. We hiked up to a little pond and saw nothing and then we drove around to look at the other ponds. As we passed one of the ponds, i saw what seemed to be sticks poking out of the water and didn't say anything. When we went back by, i asked jesse to look and they weren't sticks they were indeed ducks. Jesse hopped out of the jeep and made his way down to the ducks while i sat in the car. He didn't want me to scare them. I sat there for awhile, watched a few ducks land and then a few minutes later......pow powwwww. Up comes Jesse, "I got one!" It was almost completely dark by now and the duck was in the middle of the pond. He said that we had to go get the canoe. The canoe was huge and there way no way that it would fit in my jeep. So, me and my clever inventions (thanks papa!) had the idea of taking a bucket attaching a rope and throwing it out in the pond and dragging in the duck. When we got back to the pond, it was dark. We walked/hiked around the pond to where there was a stream, no sign of the duck. We had parked the jeep far away out of the road and shined the brights on the pond. But they didn't help that much because of the distance. After not being able to find it, i hustled back to the jeep and drove it closer and parked it perpendicular to the road with the brights shining. I asked jesse to check and see if he could see it now? He could see it in the middle of the pond. His dad and him went over to try and throw the bucket but it was still too far away. Then a breeze came in and the duck started drifting to them. He successfully got the duck. We took it back and he cleaned the duck while i sat there and watched. I had gotten him a knife for Christmas and got to use it for the first time! He said it was perfect! Now there is a duck breast sitting in the freezer.....what a great way to spend Christmas! I loved every moment of it!

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