Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A kitten or a little baby?

Nayeli fell asleep next to me in bed one morning like this....haha. She is like a little baby (look at her back feet curled up). You can see her little incision and her bare belly! She is recovery very well! Her super cuddly phase is slowly diminishing though. This morning at 5 am, to the people trudging around upstairs, I woke up and she wasn't next to me or at my feet and I thought that something was wrong. This is abnormal, she is always on my bed somewhere. I got up and went to the b-room and as soon as she heard the fan she came running wanting a drink from the sink! She was ok, thanks goodness. I had given her some pain meds last night because she was acting like her paws hurt (i had her front paws declawed with a laser - less pain and quicker recovery). I thought that she might have had a reaction to the meds or something was wrong with her because she wasn't cuddled up next to me. She has been following me around lately more than usual! I was quite sad when I woke up and she wasn't anywhere to be found. Hopefully, she just forgot that I was there or something and she will be cuddled up next to me tonight! She was quite rambunctious last night running around and chasing her new Christmas toy! Maybe it was her excitement and the meds that caused this....tonight is another night. I'm going to tire her out before bed and hopefully she'll find her way to her spot like she has every night since i have had her! The first night I had her, I woke up to her "caterpillared" into a ball on my left shoulder. She was so small, she fit perfect.  Now, at times, she just stretches across my neck and I wake up with a nice neck warmer. haha. This little creature has brought so much joy into my life! I love her soooooo much!


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