Tuesday, December 7, 2010

France, owh France

It has been over three years since i was in France! I still miss it to this day! I miss the culture, the "newness," and adventure. I miss the challenge of speaking french and meeting people from around the world! One of my favorite things to do there was visiting the chateaus, or castles! I would imagine myself living in one of them back in the day and what it was like. The history they held was amazing and loved taking pictures of them! My favorite chateau was Chenonceau. I'm not sure if i like it so much because it was the first one i visited or because i just loved it so much. I would give anything to be able to visit again for a month or two! I would love to go work on a vineyard for a period of time, learn how to cook french cuisine, and travel around France. I would like to share France with Jesse and the charm it holds! I would love to live there for a little bit but not too long because i would miss my friends and family too much! One of these days, we will hopefully make it there, here's to dreaming.....

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  1. I can't even imagine how wonderful France is. I'm so glad you got to go over there! Your life is full of adventure, which is what anyone can dream of.