Thursday, November 18, 2010

"The Breast is the Best!"

Currently, i am working on my breastfeeding brochure for the library! It is coming along very nicely! Also, my first Mommy & Me meeting is on Monday and I couldn't be more nervous! I'm not sure if anyone will actually show up. But if some do, i am hoping that they have a good time! Hopefully, i can keep them interested and wanting to come back next time! We will be making toys out of household items! If you have any suggestions, please let me know! I am in the midst of a new mommy & me brochure to leave places and hand out to resources once i figure out if the 4th monday of each month works for moms. This monday is a trial period. Photos will come at a later date!

Kitten update: It's official, she LOVES to play fetch! This morning at 7am, she brought her ball to me in bed! When you hold that ball in your hand and get ready to throw it, she is like a dog and stares and fixes herself to sprint to get the ball (it's harder to explain than it is to just show, but i hope you get the idea)!!! She also has this cute little chirp! She is a great cat so far! Her women surgery is in the middle of December! I took the day after off to take care of her! I'm sure she will be sore and need the extra love! Wish me luck on my meeting! 

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