Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yesterday, I was to attend a literacy event for elementary school students, an issue came up and i ended up getting there right as it started. I created the poster and was to bring all the supplies for the person i was meeting there. She was freaking out and was disappointed when i showed up late. Not only was i late but i had forgotten a sign in sheet at home. I really hate disappointing/letting down people.  I usually never use the hate word, but this is one thing that i feel strongly about and try my hardest not to do. Last night was a reminder that i am not perfect and there are going to be times in life where i may let someone down and i can't stop it. I try really hard not to, but once in a great while something comes up and it leads to leaving one disappointed. As the night went on, she warmed up to me and was ok with everything because it all worked out. To try and turn the whole night into a positive and not think about it, i over came a fear!

I touched 2 snakes and held one!! Ahhhhhhhh! After moving here and hearing about all the snake encounters, my fear of them heightened. But I went up told them i was scared, wanted to touch it, and did just that. It was the initial first touch that i was afraid of because i didn't know what to expect. I wasn't sure if it was going to react to my touching it or how it was going to feel. You would think that it would be slimy but it wasn't. The one i held was kinda sandpapery. I came home and showed Jesse the picture! He was so proud! I was super proud as well!I think my mom would be proud too! She squirms if she sees a snake on tv, let alone made us go into the amphibian exhibit at the zoo by ourselves because she disliked them so much!

All in all the night turned out well! A ton of people showed up and took what we had to offer, books, literature on reading, hand sanitizers, and pretzels. My poster was on reading and introduced what literacy was. I felt that many people don't actually know what literacy is and might want to learn a little about it. I wasn't even really sure what it involved until my literacy education class last year. There were many booths and free books! It was a nice event and hope they do it again in the future!

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