Friday, October 29, 2010

Berea Classroom

Here and there, i help in the headstart classroom and this past visit a fire truck came to visit. I can't post the pictures of the kids so here are some of the truck! It was funny. One of the students asked the fireman how they got water into the truck and he said "I'll show you. Walk over here." So he took every one over to the water intake plug. Then he said "Watch," and pulled some levers and then twisted the plug. All of the sudden, a blast of water came out and sprayed all over a girl and a bit on some other kids. She was stunned at first but then laughed. I'm sure she will never forget it! The fireman later said "i knew water would come out but i didn't think it would spray like that." It was great! Everyone laughed!

This picture is really great! The little girl on the left clung to the aide the entire time the firetruck was there and would not get down or even close to the firetruck. But at the end after the spraying, the fireman came up, squatted down, and asked "are you afraid of fire fighters?" She said yes, with tears about to run down her eyes. Then the fireman said "i'm not scary, i help you! Don't be afraid of me." Then she said, "yes, i am scared. i've seen them before and i was scared. " This came from a girl that just sits there and stares at you when you talk to her. She doesn't talk much in the classroom and then she blurted this out to the fireman and even shook his hand. It was really neat to see! It's not the best picture in the world but the meaning behind it is amazing!

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