Friday, February 18, 2011

"Girls aren't supposed to have beards"

The other day I was a teacher aide in a head start classroom and one of the three year olds looks at me and says "girls aren't supposed to have beards." Epic. I was like "It's not a beard, it's a bruise. I fell and hit my chin on the ground."

Then, at the hospital the next day, people kept telling me "I think that you have ink on your chin." Haha. It's funny how many people will and won't tell you if you have something on your face. Or they are just trying to be polite because they might think it's a birth mark or something. When, i tell people what happened, they laugh! I am glad I can make people laugh with my "smooth moves." It's just like this summer, when a mosquito bit me on my eye lid and it puffed up to the point of almost closing. My nickname for the day was "sloth." It was quite comical. All of it, keeps my life eventful and i find that there is always something new around the corner.

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