Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New communte, green initiatives! 5K training begins

Well, I came up with an amazing idea! I am going to start biking to work instead of driving, when possible (when it's not raining). This goes along with the green initiatives of AmeriCorps! It will be environmentally friendly and hopefully inspire others to get out on a bike and enjoy the fresh air! A special thanks goes out to a local bike and hike shop for renting a bike to me for free until the end of summer! Their generosity is greatly appreciated! Along with biking to work, I am going to start training for 5k's! This past fall, I really enjoyed running the one and only 5k I have ever ran! I told Jesse that we should run in some more once it warms up. Now, I have a goal of running in 6 5K's by the end of fall, hopefully even more! Also, training will improve my time compared to the first one! The first month will probably be harder than the others, but know that I have the drive to complete my goal! And so the journey starts...... past SUNDAY! The weather is supposed to be in the high 40's low 50's, which is perfect running weather for me! Monday, I will commute to work on bike!

(This post was created previous to monday.....)

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