Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Recycling in the neighborhood & Lease violation.....!

Well, the other day, i found a note on my door saying that i violated the rules on my lease. I freaked out because i have never done that ever in the past 5 years of renting and scared what was going to happen. To find out, it was because i was throwing my compost out in a corner of the yard. One day I was cooking and asked jesse to dispose of my scraps, biodegradable food, which the birds, squirrels etc. could eat, and he put it out in the grass! We had been doing this for awhile and found that note on my door on day after the day before I saw a  neighbor snooping around. My apartment is in the corner and no one lives across from me so there is no reason for others to be walking around because it's muddy and there is a drain there as well. Anyways, i violated my lease because of my compost pile in the grass, eek, and fixed it as soon as i found the note.  I just had to go pick up my compost pile. I called the lady that had sent me the letter and explained to her that it was a compost pile. She completely agreed and said that was what she thought it was, and agreed with my reasoning of not throwing away food that the environment could benefit from. She just said make sure that i get the food over the fence, which I have been doing! I also asked her about recycling and she said that she was going to schedule a meeting with the recycling center to get something going in the apartment community! Wooooo! I helped initiate getting recycling in the apartment complex! Thank goodness because I keep all the recycling in my coat closet and can't put anything else in there because it's so full. Then after it gets full, I have to drive to a recycling center across town and then sort it. I am very excited about getting recycling!  Owh and I didn't get in trouble or cause anything towards my lease, thank goodness.

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