Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I got in a fight with the road....

Well, yesterday, Monday, I decided to start my biking to work. Well on my way back from babes and tots, I crashed. I fell, hopped the curb, and skidded into the road. I am so smooth. The bike i am riding is a commuter bike and when you pedal backwards, it brakes. I haven't been on one of those bikes since i was 10. I am used to the mountain bikes that can take on bumps and can pedal backwards as you coast. Well, this did me in. As i stood up to go over a bump, the bike decided to not go over it, i pedaled backwards by accident, and swerved out into the road. Thankfully, there wasn't a car there because i would have been smashed like a pancake. After landing, i laid in the road for a second, while i took in what just happened and crawled to the sidewalk pulling the bike with me. A car yelled at me and asked if i was ok. I called jesse and he came running to help me. He was just a jog away. The damage was done. I ruined one of my favorite jackets, have road burn on my elbow, a gouge out of my palm, bruised wrist, smacked my chin, and scraped my forehead (my bangs cover the scrap), and hit my front tooth. Gosh, i am just glad i didn't hit my tooth hard enough for it fall out....but boy am I sore today! I am going to have ride this bike around more to get a feel of it. The handle bars are a little twisted but nothing that Jesse can't fix, hopefully! That night, i was going to go buy a helmet....Will def. have one before my next commute!

Mommy & Me was yesterday as well! It went well. Not very many people showed up, but understand because it was valentine's day....Hopefully next time more will come.

(Today, my chin is black and blue)

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