Monday, October 18, 2010

1st hospital visit, babes and tots

Today I started volunteering at the hospital! It went alright. The people training me was a little late but that happens sometimes so it wasn't a big deal. He took me on a tour of the hospital and just showed me a few things here and there. I am meeting him again next monday! Right now i am just volunteering where ever they need me. Then as time goes on and i gain more trust and responsibility i should be placed on the labor/nursery and nicu floor! There were three newborns in the nursery today all girls and one had the hiccups. I can't wait to be able to help with the babies. I really like that i will be familiar with the hospital and can help the moms be more comfortable! I might even be able to give them a tour/visit!

Today, babes and tots was canceled because she was sick. But here is my brochure for the week! It's a trifold brochure this time!

 I am hoping that this will make some people think twice about smoking!

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