Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today is the day!

Very soon i will be heading off to the school and meeting the moms for the first time! I am really nervous. I hope they like me and my activity. I could see how they could think it's dumb and not want to participate. But i am hoping they are interested and think it's neat. I'm trying to figure out how i want to approach them with my program. Should i tell them my background and why i want to help, let them know i have always been a caring person, love babies and children, and want to be a part of peoples lives? I'm not sure what i am going to say quite yet. I try to think back to when i was in high school and think of what caught my attention, which was who i liked and who i was going to challenge in band. haha. I wasn't really thinking what am i going to do with this baby growing inside of me or how am i going to pay for diapers etc? The moms are in a different boat and about to instantly grow up and have a child. What are they thinking, what are they going through at school? What is their home lives like? Are their parents a positive role model in their lives? I want to be that positive role model! I want to help them through their pregnancy and be the shoulder to lean on. How do i reach out to teen moms? Will they have the same mind set as say a pregnant 30 year old? I don't think they will just because of the environment they are in and their position in life. How does having a baby in high school affect you? I must say that i am proud that they are staying in school and finishing! I hope they want to create a good future for their new family and stick it out! This is going to be a new and exciting experience which i hope turns out for the best in both worlds! Wish me luck!

Owh yea. The hospital orientation went well yesterday! We went through some paper work and went on a tour of the hospital. I worked in the hospital at home for a total of three years and in between the times of being at school or in France, i missed being in that atmosphere. This past summer, i worked at the hospital and it just felt right! I felt as if i was playing an important role and people could rely on me! I am very excited to be able to take part of a hospital again! At the same time, i will be gaining more experience in a place where i feel at home! My first day is on Monday 8-10 before my babes and tots class. I will be training with another volunteer. Right now, i will be learning the hospital and meeting everyone. As time goes on, i will get placed specifically on the nursery and labor and delivery floor! Wooo!

Next week is the teen conference, The Dream Inside of Me!  Things are starting to pick up!

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