Friday, October 8, 2010

Community concert

This past wednesday night, Jesse and I went to a bluegrass concert at the outdoor concert area on EKU's campus! He had to do a paper on it for his Jazz class and i thought it might be interesting to see and listen to. Well while i was there, i saw this girl from my Babes and Tots class. I waved and said hi but she didn't recognize me at first. Later on, she came up to me and i asked her if she remembered me from the babes and tots class and i showed her some signs we learned. Then, she was like "yea, i remember you!" After that, she didn't leave my side. While Jesse was watching the concert and taking notes i was playing with the grass. We were collecting leaves and grass and misc objects to create a robot family! Haha, it was great. I loved it. I miss caring and playing with little ones! I also miss the opportunities to let the inner child out! If i could i would be goofy and use my imagination to create a robot family out of leaves and dead grass every day! Also, i LOVED that i knew someone from the community! I am getting to know more and more people, granted she was a little kid, but i love it! I introduced myself to her dad bc her mom wasn't there! I'm sure i'll see them on Monday at the babes and tots class! Seeing them at the concert gives me something to talk about with her mom when i see her!

The little girl found a walnut and i didn't know that a walnut grew in such a large casing. I opened it and smelt it, and Jesse was like be careful because it will stain your clothes and fingers. (Us Scarff's have always had this instinct to smell a new object when it is presented to us. It's quite odd, but that's how we learn and explore!) After opening the walnut, I looked at my fingers and put them to the light of the computer and was like "nah it's clear, i don't see anything." Well low and behold, i woke up the next day with stained fingers looking like i played in a pile of dung. I was quite embarrassed and hoped no one would see them as i served them food at my part time job that night, which no one did, thank goodness. I should have listened to Jesse but my exploring instinct overcame that because i wanted to see what it was all about. Really i am a kid at heart that loves to experience new things and figure out how they work! The part about figuring out how things work comes from my papa s. He is always working on something or coming up with nifty ways to fix things. He always has a new gadget! I get that from him!  Along with my brown streak in my left eye. Every time i look at it, i think of him!

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