Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How could i forget?

This past saturday i attended a childbirth class! It was amazing! I am trying to get as much training and experience in labor and delivery, breastfeeding, pregnancy, etc. really anything having to deal with moms and their pregnancies before, during, and after. OK so i have seen births on tv but the actual area was blurred out and couldn't see the birth really well etc. In this class, i witnessed a full on up-close and personal birth. I almost cried. It was amazing. I wanted to jump in and help. This class really strengthened my passion to help moms have their babies! I think it's funny, when i was 10, i asked my parents if i could watch my littlest sisters birth, but sadly they said no. To this day, i wish they would have let me. haha. But ill be seeing my share of births as life goes on.

I am hoping that one of these moms i am working with will want me to be with them through this amazing journey!  I can't wait to help them through the adventures of pregnancy and show them the joy of children!

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