Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My kitten is growing up!

Nayeli is becoming quite the kitten. She is three times the size she was when we got her and a bundle of joy! She sleeps tucked right up to my chest and at times during the night when i am sleeping on my back, i awake to her across my neck. She is like a child. She wakes me up early to play, always wants my attention, and always wants fresh water. She doesn't like the water out of her water bowl so every time i go to the frig she begs for some water from my brita and of course i give in to the cute little meows and purrs. Or i will find her licking the faucet on the sink after i have brushed my teeth or washed my hands. When she does her business, you know. Something that has emerged in the past couple of days is playing fetch. It's the dog in her haha. I will throw her little yellow ball and she'll run down the hall and grab it, play with it, and then pick it up, and bring it to me. Last night, i was lying in bed and she brought it to me while i was lying there! What a cat she is growing in to! Also, her play bite is becoming stronger! Ouch. Soon she will be taken to the vet to be spayed. She doesn't go outside, but i don't want any little surprises if she ever does escape for a period of time, which i am hoping will NEVER happen because i love her too much! I think that she would be too scared and not know what to do or where to go. Also, there is this HUGE black cat that lurks around the apt complex and we have even found it on my window sill. One time the black cat hissed and "barked" at my little kitten (she got scared) and Jesse scared it away by banging on the window and making a bunch of noise. We haven't seen it up there since. But it is still lurking around. One day i was walking up to my apt and POOF here comes a black cat leaping at me. Haha not really that dramatic but it did scare me.

Nayeli likes to sit on the bathtub while i take a shower and wait for me to be done to get her fresh water for the moment. The other day she leaped at the curtain and fell in the tub. She didn't get wet because i was blocking the water, but it made me laugh. I thought cats were supposed to be afraid of water. Well not all cats. My cousins had a cat that loved to swim in their lake. It was such a weird picture seeing a cat swimming through the waves and walking up on the beach!

A recent pic will follow!

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