Friday, October 8, 2010

Home visit #1/Teen mom meeting

Well, my first home visit didn't happen. I arrived and there were two babysitters and their speech therapist, no momma. I gave her a call and she forgot that i was coming. We are now meeting next thursday and i'm going to give her a call the day before to remind her! But on a good note, one of the little boys recognized me from the last time i visited and was strutting his stuff. Haha. He was showing off! It was so cute! He was so excited to see me!

Also, next tuesday, i will be going into the high school here and teaching/doing an activity with the teen mom class of 12 students. I am very excited but nervous at the same time. For the activity, i think that the first 10 mins or so i will do an informative lesson about the baby etc. Then, we are going to make onesies (sp). I like that they can create something for the baby to come home in and it is personal. It's a gift from mom to the baby! I saw the idea on a special program online and loved the idea. I think that it will also bring the moms a little closer! We will see how it goes. Sometimes i think that something is a really great idea and then it back fires. But these moms are the ones i want to work with the most. I feel as if they are still very young and are going to be raising a child with no clue on how to do it. I hope that they have an open mind and want to learn as much as they can to help their babies. It's like a child raising a child, not in all cases but i feel as if the moms are still so young and have no idea what life has to offer.  I like that i can teach them to respect themselves and be a strong mom!

This meeting will be considered my monthly group meeting and i couldn't be more excited to get things rolling!

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