Monday, October 11, 2010

Babes and Tots take 2

The weekends seem to fly by! Today, i am attending another babes and tots class and super excited! This week the brochure is about resources in the community with a fall twist! I am hoping that it helps someone or they can pass it along to someone that might need it! Also, today is my orientation at the hospital. I am going to be volunteering on the labor and delivery floor each week to gain more experience. I cannot tell you how excited i am to be in that environment and what i will learn! I will also be able to see what a midwife might do and how the labor and delivery floor is maintained! I will also be able to help the mommies with what the experience at the hospital is going to be like and what to expect! As time goes on, i will hopefully gain the trust of the nurses and in return be given more responsibilities. But for now i think that i will be doing miscellaneous things here and there but very excited to know that there is a chance of working with the babies and the mothers in the future!

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