Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Think positive!

Looking at my experiences growing up and with my dad, i constantly try to remind myself to look past the bad and look at the good! Here are some of the good that i try to remember and embrace.

A stronger/closer relationship with my siblings and mom
A willingness to open up and express who i am and my feelings
My strength
My love and passion to help
Some things my dad taught me:
  • how to cook
  • how to camp 
  • how to appreciate nature and what it has to offer
  • children are something to be celebrated
  • you must work hard for what you want to achieve
  • to be spontaneous 
  • to explore
  • i think most importantly, he showed me how to care and help people
I must say, i think that all these experiences would have been different if it wasn't for my mom. She always and still does put us, her children, before anything else. She was our wall, our support, and continues to be my back bone. I wouldn't be where i am today if it wasn't for her, her strength, her drive, her love, and her courage.

Like i said, what happened only makes me stronger, it has shaped me into the woman i am today. Everyone has quirks in their lives that they must get past!  It's funny after moving here and starting AmeriCorps, i feel as if the "happy" Jenni is coming back! I have noticed that i am laughing more and enjoying life! Through AmeriCorps, I will be helping many people, but AmeriCorps is helping me as well!

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